Clue for the clueless…

Does something in my Blogroll ring a bell, related to my previous post??!? If  you found out, you’re really a genius!lol..



I’m seeking for a change and so, I ‘m gonna take a break from wordpress. I’m not sure if it is temporary or permanent. But, it is definitely gonna be a very long break. Don’t ask me why.. I said break from wordpress. I’m shifting my bases to another exciting world whcich is gonna be my haunt for sometime or lifetime. Sorry wordpress, sorry if I had hurt you.  I’ve gotto go my own way. Ciao!!


– Results are out..yeah!
– Dont expect me to shout “hurrraaaaayyyy, I’ve passed”
– No..No, Don’t jump to conclusions. It does’nt mean I’ve failed. I’ve got reasonably good percentage 96% , but not a reasonably good cut-off…”Now don’t ask me what that means..I’m not in a mood to explain as you can very well find from my writing.”
– Yes. I was distressed the day it came out, in fact very distressed. Yeah. Expectations *do* hurt a lot!
– If it had not been for Jim Fall for directing such a movie called “The Lizzie Mcguire” in 2003, I would never have come out of the darkness. Thank you, sir!!! I got much elated by the end.
– I’ve to acknowledge the band, “The Atomic Kitten” too, for their awesome song, “The tide is high!” and of course to Jim Fall again, for featuring that song in the movie. The lyrics was really motivating. Thank you, guys. Will always luv ya.
And my hearty thanks to samy, for her really mature status message in orkut, which in fact made me feel ashamed,

“lyf doesnt stp here…do wat u lov..these suckin marks culd neva decide who u r…so cummon ppl rock on..lyf s shrt .liv it d way u want”
– Awesome words from her. Yeah life does’nt stop here. Yes. Thanks once again, gal.
– Though it was just a casual remark from her, it meant a lot to me. At that time. At that moment.
– And yeah. Now I’m perfectly good, out of the agony. As always, *hoping for the best*.

– Yes. Yes. “We’re soaring, flying, there’s not a star in heaven that we can’t reach. If we’re trying we’re breaking free!”
To all others, who’re still worrying about the god-damn results. Let it go. Just a passing cloud. It’s the talent and skill in you that decides your future, not just a 4-digit-number or well a 3-digit-no. in my case, that popped out because of your memory power , that is going to decide your destiny. Let’s move forward. Exciting things await us.
– WOW, GOD. I love myself for sounding so optimistic and colourful. 😛
– Yes. I love me.. Yes. I AM WHAT I AM and I’m proud to have at least scored this much. 😉

The Elusive Fate…


Many weird things happen in one’s life.  Some *weird* instances  especially happen when you do stuff out of the norms. No, don’t confuse much. Let me give a vivid picture about what I mean, with some examples.

1)    Let’s say, You’re not a regular visitor to a swimming pool. But one fine day, you suddenly decide to go to the nearby swimming pool in the club in which you are a member. Unfortunately, you go there only to find the pool closed because of maintenance.

2)    You travel by bus daily and you’re this disciplined person who buys the ticket regularly in spite of the crowds and the fact that nobody’s checking your ticket. One day, only one single day you try to be a li’l adventurous and try travelling without a ticket, only to find yourself caught and fined by the ticket-checker who visits the bus  that particular day of all days.

    Well, what’s the pattern behind all these happenings?! If you ask any well-experienced adult, they’ll come up with a single answer, *FATE*. Thala-vidhi or Thalai-ezhuthu.  Fate is one mystery that takes a very long time to understand. Every mythology speaks about Fate in a very distinguished manner. Some popular mythologies quote that fate is synonymous to the mystic spinning of threads  in which each thread represent a human’s life. Well, let’s not go deep into it. Put in simple words, the two reasons behind these instances maybe fate,  for spiritual people or just a simple co-incidence for those-who-don’t give in to all these fate and destiny stuff.

                          Something like that happened to me last night. Normally, I sleep in the bed at night. But last night, I suddenly had a craving (uh?) to sleep in floor in what-they-call-as pai. (mat!) After spreading the mat in my bedroom, I left to the hall, to read a novel ‘cuz 1) I was suffering from a short insomnia that night as my results were coming next morning. Besides , uh..I loved that book. 2) My parents were also sleeping in the same room and I did’nt want to disturb them by switching the light on. After completing the novel, that was one of Ludlum’s writing known as the “Holcroft covenant” (a kinda-crime novel that focused on killings and murder!!) I returned to my room at 12:30. I silently lied down without waking my parents. I still could’nt get sleep. My thoughts were still-wandering around the story-the deaths-my results – and the after-math of it, if it was the unexpected-and –everything -that- focused- on –fear. I was, literally trembling at that point of night and then the *weird* thing happened. Something was moving up my ankles. For a moment I thought it was just the air from the AC. But then, it was still moving. Involuntarily, I jerked my legs and the *lump* fell again on my ankles. My heart skipped a beat.I got up with a start, adrenaline flowing all over, shouting amma, eli!! (Mom, rat!!!), switched on the light. The li’l culprit was nowhere to be seen. It had run out of sight.

My grandma feels comfortable down and she sleeps on the floor every night. Nothing like that has ever happened to her. That was the first time I ever decided to sleep down  and that was the first time ever something like that e happened in the house. Uh..Though, it was just a rodent, the prospect of something crawling up ,esp. when you’re already scared out of your wits… definitely disturbing!!

Was it fate in the role of rodent playing it’s game on me, last night or was it just a mere co-incidence?? Heaven-knows!!



PS. Or was it just my illusion?? My mom said she never saw a rat in our house. No. I definitely felt something crawling up. Any similar instances?? Post them in comments.

One of the best day-to-day humours of Dad!

My dad is my best lets-say …stress killer…Even if I had loads of curses to swear on my dad sometimes when he annoys me, a one-word of his is just enogh to crush them all. Yeah , you got it right..he’s humorous. Unfortunately sometimes his stuff would turn out to be “mokkais” too…(well, what they say as ill-humour!) but most of the time he gets it funny.

Last year vacation..I was returning from delhi to chennai along with my parents. The caterers were north indians n apparently we had to *converse* in hindi, which none of us were good at. We were all in the novice stage of learning the language. We ordered coffee and the guy gave us each a cup. For a second after recieving the cup, I was at the perception that it was just a cup of boiled water. But, the *polite* conscience of mine forced me to say a single-word to the bearer, the only word I knew exactly at the moment.. “Dhanniyavadh”. It means “thanks” . My dad spontaneoulsy retorted, “Nee vera..avan erkanave thanniya vaathuthaan koduthurukkuran nee vera aen kekara!” (vaathu means pour in our slang)
Translation : He Has already poured lotsa water in it.Need u ask more?

And we burst into laughter. That was one memorable humor of dad, which I’d never forget!


P.S : Forgive me for a lack of something in my writing. I just cant figure out what. Maybe it’s the style. I just came out a bit of Writer’s block.


Hey all, 

                  Am terribly sorry for the really long gap. Looks like I have been dormant for quite some time, does’nt it? Anyway. My exams have finally ended. To be honest, it ended on the 23rd of last month. Unfortunately, my system, which has been awarded as the “THE  DUMBEST COMPUTER OF THE GLOBE” by, got into a serious trouble and has been sick for nearly a month now. Even now, it’s lying dormant and am blogging from my cousin – The Whimsical Mind’s house! “sigh” In this span of let’s say a year, lot’s of stuff have happened. To name a few, the terrible tragedy at “THE TAJ” , Rahman’s countenance and his awesome words at the kodak theatre, Nadal’s noble gesture at the Australian open. Well, I can list lot more than that.  Sorry for being ignorant to these events when they occured. Damn my boards for that. This is just a “come back” post and I’ll be hopefully writing more in the weeks to come. I’ve lots to reveal and lots to say.  hmmm…well, will pen down them in the next post.  Au revoir.

P.S: Thought I could put up the picture of the “master Blaster” and his replica at Madame Tussauds. Just liked it and wanted to share it. A guy like him surely deserves this.



Cool idea!

I stole this from Anoop

the rules are:

1. Type your answer to each of the questions below into Flickr Search.
2. Using only the first page of results, and pick one image.
3. Copy and paste each of the URLs for the images into Big Huge Lab’s Mosaic Maker to create a mosaic of the picture answers.
The questions:
1. What is your first name?
2. What is your favorite food? right now?
3. What high school did you go to?
4. What is your favorite color?
5. Who is your celebrity crush?
6. What is your favorite drink?
7. What is your dream vacation?
8. What is your favorite dessert?
9. What do you want to be when you grow up?
10. What do you love most in life?
11. What is one word that describes you?

12. What is your user name?

My mosaic was

So what are u waiting for? Go ahead and create your mosiac